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Bustarz Skateboarding

Skating In Memory Of Keenan Milton

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Skating In Memory of Keenan Milton

08/04/74 -- 07/05/01

Keenan Milton

The History - Keenan Milton was possibly one of the best skateboarders ever to walk on the earth.  Starting young, Keenan at age 14 was better then most pros today.  Keenan then rose to being the best of the best in the skating industry, better then any skaters today.  Keenan Milton was skating for the Girl/Chocolate Skateboard Company.  He was the talent of the team at the time.  If he was still alive, with out a doubt there would be no other name in skating besides KEENAN MILTON.  Keenan died at age 26 and with out a doubt he had some serious talent.  He lived every day to the fullest.  He died at a Malibu House Party, he was in the pool and then alcohol got involved.  A person then jumped off the roof and landed on Keenan, causing him to drown.  One of Keenan's closest friends says this about him; "Man I love you and I always will. You were the best skater I ever skated with in my life. You taught me the way of skating and the way of life. I still land the trick you taught me every time I go skating in rememberance of you! (nollie noseslide kickflip out) I love you man, I hope you are still skating in the skies, and thrashing the clouds above."  So, Bustarz hopes Keenan will rest in peace.  But we will not let him be forgotten, everytime we look at our board, everytime we land something, everytime we fall, just remember Keenan.  He would get up and try it again.  KEENAN FOR EVER

Sometimes in life there is not always a happy ending which is why we need to make sure we keep track of all of the perfect moments.

People all over the world shared so many perfect moments with Keenan Milton. His laughter, his talents, his ability to avoid saying an unkind thing about anyone and most of all his appetite for life are the things that leave us empty.

Keenan packed a lot of life into his 26 years. And although the empty place in all of us can't find a bright spot in this, maybe there is.

Keenan never wasted a day. He had a passion for each and every day that some of us can only gather in our entire lifetime. Remember Keenan today: Laugh, love, skate, do whatever would make you feel good. That's what he would have done.

Bustarz Skateboarding - KEENAN FOR EVER